How do I get Free YouTube subscribers?

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YouTube is the most famous video sharing website. If you are a professional artist or you are trying to earn money sharing videos on YouTube, you need subscribers. You must have a certain minimum number of subscribers and views to become eligible for YouTube Ads. Since YouTube launched this amazing policy, there had been a lot of rush and craze among people to gain more and subscribers. Many people became successful and earn in Six Figures Annually through YouTube. Certainly, you can do it, but it requires a lot of effort. If you start from ground zero it will take you years to start earning some good bucks.

Many people capitalized on the YouTube rush and started selling YouTube subscribers. Some of these companies, including were doing real businesses and sold real subscribers who viewed the content. While many companies used shady tactics, such as bot subscribers, to generate YouTube subscribers. This lead to a violation of Terms and Services of YouTube and the account holders eventually got banned. Due to these dubious business models, companies like YTBlaster, who built their subscriber base by investing lot of cash and effort, were affected. And, decided to sell their subscribers for free.

But Why Free Subscribers

I talked to the founders of these companies and they shared the same view that “We want to give back to the community that made us”. Well, that’s very human.

How do I get Free YouTube Subscribers?

Before talking about free YouTube subscribers, let me answer one more important question. Will This Get My Account Banned? No this won’t get your account banned because the subscribers are real, they watch your content and if they like your content, they also share your content. You only get banned, if use bot subscribers because that’s cheating. So, back to the main question “How do I get Free YouTube subscribers”.

  • First, find an honest company like YTBlaster that gives you real subscribers. Yes, you should use more than one company to achieve your goal.
  • Typically, you will be asked to put on your YouTube Channel’s link. If you are asked anything besides this, such as login details or other irrelevant information, please don’t provide it unless the company is
  • Once you have entered your YouTube Channel’s link, you will be asked to select the number of subscribers. Most of the times, there is an upper limit to the number of subscribers, so enter the maximum number of
    subscribers that company provides you.
  • Now, you will be asked to verify your humanity, I mean you will need to verify that you are not some robot or machine. Please note that different companies use different methods to verify that you are human. Some companies use Surveys, some request you to download something or write something. You must verify yourself to proceed to the next step.
  • Once your identity is verified, you will start receiving subscribers. Usually, you will receive subscribers in two days.

So, guys now you know how to get YouTube subscribers for free. I hope this article helps you.Good